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Cladding Cleaners Leamington Spa, Warwick & Warwickshire

First impressions are important, and a dirty building can give customers a bad impression before you even meet them. Regular cleaning of your building's cladding will help give the right impression – and it can also extend the life of some forms of cladding.

How do we clean cladding?

At Timms we use the Reach & Wash System – a water-fed pole system that allows us to quickly and efficiently clean your cladding without the need for ladders or cherry pickers.

The soft bristled brush at the end of the pole is fed with pure hot water for optimal cleaning without damaging the cladding. The use of pure hot water ensures efficient cleaning without the need for any detergents and it also dries without leaving any residue or marks. It is also completely eco-friendly.

The lack of any residue on the cladding following cleaning also means that it can stay cleaner for longer.

What are the advantages of Reach and Wash?

It's faster – we can clean your cladding with our Reach and Wash system much faster than if we were using traditional ladders or a cherry picker.

It's safer – our ladderless cleaning system means our cleaners never leave the ground. It's worth remembering that it is the responsibility of the owner or occupier of a building to ensure any work carried out on the premises conforms to the 2005 Working at Height Legislation.

Finally, the water used by the Reach and Wash system comes from our vans. We do not need you to supply water, thus saving you money.

If your cladding could do with a clean, contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.