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Solar Panel Cleaners Leamington Spa, Warwick, Warwickshire & West Midlands

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Solar Panel Cleaners Leamington Spa, Warwick & Warwickshire

As a result of recent government initiatives in renewable energy, solar panels are now a common sight in Leamington Spa and across the whole of Warwickshire, with installations ranging from large commercial solar farms to small arrays mounted on domestic roofs.

Solar panels work when sunlight falls on the solar cells – the more light they receive, the more power they generate.

However, the angle that solar panels are installed at makes them much more susceptible to the build up of dirt and debris than house windows, particularly from things like bird droppings and leaves. And unfortunately, you cannot rely on rain to remove them.

Solar panel manufacturers recommend the routine cleaning of panels to maintain their efficiency, and some manufacturers place such importance on cleaning that their warranties may be invalidated if it does not take place at recommended intervals – check your warranty to make sure! They also warn against the use of solvents, detergents or abrasive cleaners to clean panels.

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Luckily, here at Timms we have the ideal equipment to do the job - our Reach and Wash hot water cleaning system allows us to quickly and gently clean solar panels from ground level without the need for ladders, and the pure water we use for cleaning dries without leaving any streaks.

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